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July Lockdown

Well, it has been the oddest of times and the oddest thing for me is finding I have more time at home as lockdown meant college went online as did much of my priestly ministry, but still not able to do things that I should be doing! Such as updating this blog! I am not sure who is out there following it but I am sorry if you have been! My problem has been compounded by the easing of lockdown whereby churches have been given permission to re/open for worship taking necessary precautions. I am in limbo! I was hoping our builder would give us a date to commence the building work for both church and hall so that once compl we can clean and open all shiny and smelling of fresh paint rather than drains and damp! But of course there has been the marathon of bureaucratic stuff to complete to comply with the powers that be as well as waiting for the builder to get back to normal with his backlog. My hope and prayer is that we will still be able to start worship in the autumn. but what if the clubs and activities that help our finances and our community? It’s a headache as I need to think about the rules and regs and whether the winter might bring on its own set of problems! but for now I leave you in the knowledge that I pray for the people and place of St Mark’s every day and if any of you out there feel like adding a prayer too then thank you! I will not be so lazy in future and will try to blog again more regularly! In the meantime there is my podcasts which are available if you want the link send me an email! Bless You Mother Cherry

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