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The History of St Mark's

St Mark’s is a church with a history that goes back to Victorian Southend. With the coming of the railway, there was an influx of people who came to live and work in the South end of the ancient parish of Prittlewell. Churches closer to the railway line were built to give the local residents places of worship, places of sanctuary and refuge in good times and bad.

St Mark’s was dedicated on 23 July 1901 as a chapel of ease to St John’s, Cliff Town.

Thus it was not created as a parish on its own but an ‘overflow’ church for those who lived around it. They tended to be the workers rather than the more affluent middle classes.

St Mark’s has had itself a rich history and been beloved of many who have found hope, friendship and a love for God within its walls. 

Today, St Mark’s still serves the local community, hoping to bring the good news of God’s inclusive, unending love to all his children, whoever they are.

Our Church Team
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Cherry Sandover
Nikki Firth


Email: Mother Cherry Sandover

Text: 07859 911997

Church Warden

Email: Sharon Hinton

Text: 07757 708116

Children & Families' Worker

Email: Nikki

Text: 07309 749495

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