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Lockdown June

I haven’t been blogging since lockdown began- not sure why that is- especially as I have been at home so should in theory have more time on my hands. But its been an emotionally weird limbo- I am lucky and have not experienced hardship or loss directly. I have discovered my neighbours and been supported by neighbours, friends and the prayers I have been part of on zoom. So in theory I am in a good place but St Mark’s remains closed partly because we have work to do so it seems sensible to wait until the building is ready. I also seem to be putting a lot of energy into Weekly podcasts - which can be accessed via the website - and keeping in touch with folks In other ways. But today I had such sad news of the loss of a baby who I was looking forward to being able to baptise once I get back in and it’s really knocked me. I am pissed at God to be honest. But I know it’s not my grief to own and I have to find the right way to love and support the mum and dad and I pray I can do that ok 🙏🏽💜🙏🏽

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